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Using our autoclave we can process a variety of composite materials to create end products. These products are developed entirely under our own control. Thanks to our suppliers we can choose from an extensive selection of materials, enabling us to virtually always come up with a suitable solution for a composite. Besides this there are countless options, such as the integration of electromagnetic screening, metal inserts, etc for application in your end product

Autoclave applications

Autoclaving of products takes place, amongst other things, for:

  • bullet-proof shields for arrest teams
  • ballistic protection plates
  • protective cases and containers
  • composite housings, or composite parts

Application of composite materials

Composite materials are used for a variety of target groups. Amongst others, we manufacture composite products for:

  • sport articles/products
  • the aviation industry
  • shipping
  • naval
  • drones

Application of carbon materials

Our carbon materials are applied by us in the following industries:

  • naval
  • machine construction
  • medical sector

Custom advice

New materials and products can be developed entirely in accordance with the wishes of our customer. Our composites are prepared in a dust free area and processed in our autoclave. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options and applications. We would be pleased to offer you advice tailored to your needs



Allplast develops and produces medical visors. These visors are used in the medical field such as in hospitals and dentists practice. Our medical visors can be featured with a scratch resistant or anti-fog coating, in order to guarantee optiomal sight in all working conditions.

Medical visors for hospitals

The medical visors ensure that doctors in hospitals can work safely and that the mouth and eyes are fully protected. The sustainable visors from Allplast help to prevent facial injuries. The medical visors are extensively applied in hospitals.

Medical manufactures visors for dentists

Allplast manufactured medical visors for dentists .The entire process from concept to realization is all in our hands. The medical visors are constantly improved and optimized for optimal use and protection. The visors are very comfortable by the pleasant fit. Also for glasses wearing people, the medical visor can easily be worn. It prevents nasty injuries to the face, or damage to the eyes.


As you will know, we have developed our ultra-low weight PE fibre especially for armoured Doors for (Personal) Cars.

In the Netherlands we will be dealing with the Police at the moment => pending tender for 5,200 vehicles over the next 7 years. We will be cooperation with local Assemblers who are working for the NL Police since long.

Since the Info-pol in Kortrijk, we have been facing with a lot of interest & new inquiries from France and amongst others Portugal. In Germany we try to get into the market with a local Partner (assembler), who also cooperates with the Bundespolizei since long. Shooting test were executed positively, two weeks ago.

It is clear now, that a lot of Police Teams (technical and purchase) are looking for high tech solutions (panels), protecting their Police Officers since the bad/sad event in Paris (Charlie Hebdo) and all the attacks from terrorists since then. We have noticed that even Unions (working for the Police staff), try to have more armour protection materials available for Police Officers via improved/renewed Working/Labour conditions. Given the increased levels of uncertainty/terror threat and attacks, this does not sound unreasonable.

We use very light ( 4.8 kg at m2 ) ballistic plates for vehicle armour coating. The system we apply for vehicles of security forces in many countries of Europe varies according to the needs and areas of application

Allplast BlueGard®


  • High Performance flexible UHMW PE Fibers
  • BR 4 level (EN 1063 standard): .44 Mag, 9x19mm Ball, .357 coned Bullet
  • 4,8 kg /m2 (strong weight reduction)
  • Dimensions: optimized per vehicle type & car door
  • TNO/TuV Certification => EN1522;1998 CLASS FB4 NS


  • Designed in collaboration with OEM’s
  • High level of protection in combation with low weight
    • No maintance for door hinges!
  • Optimal sizes to guarantee maximum protection

Processing :

  • Production done according to TNO/TuV Standards
  • Installation of Bullet Resistant doors per country with dedicated dealers


Allplast has developed a new ballistic shield. The bulletproof shield is tested and approved by  TNO Ypenburg Laboratory for Ballistics Research (LBR).

We are proud of the approval, given the fact the shield has to meet strict requirements. The NIJ level 3A shield is designed in cooperation with police and intervention teams. Due to intensive cooperation the shield has excellent ballistic properties.

Shield for both arrest and intervention teams

The shield is excellent to use for both arrest and intervention teams. A few properties of the shield are:

  • Light in weight
  • Practical in use
  • Quickly deployable in arrests and interventions in teams

Despite the low weight the composite materials offer very high protection against bullets and other ballistic threats.

Tactical shield

Due to the curved design of the tactical shield the ballistic performance will be improved. The curved design also prevents deformation during mechanical stress. The shield has an innovative handle which eases the use of the shield; both in static positions as in combat situations with a high level of threat.

High ‘stop value´ of bullets and fragments

The used composite materials guarantee a high ´stop value´ of bullets and fragments. Due to high stiffness the shield barely deforms at an eventual bullet impact.

Extremely light-weighted shield

The main construction is made out of high-quality thermoplastic materials, like lightweight armour UHMWPE. The used raw materials are 25% lighter than conventional materials which are processed axially. Therefore, the ballistic shield is much lighter than the usual tactical shields. This causes usability to increase, while the protection level remains the same.

Properties ballistic shield

Below you can find some of the properties of the shield:

  • Materials – high performance cross-ply PE
  • Protection level Nij level 3A, 44 mag, 9x19mm Ball 9x9mm, action effect, .357 Mag.
  • Thickness approx. 8 mm
  • Weight – 8 kg
  • Outside finished with a carbon layer
  • Dimensions (max.) 1150 x 650 mm.

Personal preferences

You can specifically indicate your personal preferences for a shield. Perhaps you prefer power LED lighting or you prefer the handle to be on a specific position, so the shield is even more efficient in use. Optionally there are some more possibilities:

  • Integrated dual high-power LED illumination
  • Shield can be equipped with or without bulletproof view window
  • Modifications (within the dimensions of 1150 by 650 mm)
  • Inside handle on the desired specific position
  • The outside can be finished in a variety of materials, for example laminated carbon or printed foil with logos reversals or tags.

Are you interested in our ballistic shield? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. This can be done without further obligation.


Allplast has been patented e new ballistic shield,which enables security forces and emergency response teams to rapidly assemble up to eigt pf them side-by-side in the conflict zones,creating a mobile bulltproof wall,blocking the road protecting the entire team,or providing a safe way forward in street clashes.

Separate Full-fledge Ballistic Shield

Ballistic level: 7.62x51mm NATO BALL (FMJ/PB/SC) + AK-47 MSC

Size: 1.100x700mm

Weight: ca. 23 kg

Optimal geometry resulting in optimized protection

Bastion Shield: ALLPLAST – MOD the Netherlands

Unique connectable Ballistic Shields

Hinge connection: 2 or more shields

Connection is flexible

Very robust and multi-functional system

Bastion Shield: ALLPLAST – MOD the Netherlands

Defensive structure: Bastion

  • Bastion Shields can be connected, to form a static defensive position
  • Size and shape of the Bastion are flexible
  • Easy set up and fast to de-connect to separate shields
  • High situational awareness with the audience/public around

Active Shooter Trolley (AST)

Set up: 1, 2, 3 or 4 Uniform shields

Easy to set up and fast de-connect to the single shields

Easy to access buildings due to max.(collapsible) width of 70cm

Active Shooter Trolley (AST)

  • Set up of 3x AST in a static formation


Soft armor aramide Coating is used in the form of dressing aganist hand grenades and hand-made explosives,and has been applied to trucks in the german army.


We have developed a new (anti-terror) grenade suppressing container for indoor use. This model is compact and easy to install. This new model features an outer shell, which improves the container’s ability to block grenade shrapnel.

The blast container can be used in case of

  • bomb threats
  • post and data rooms
  • lobbies
  • parcel services & reception areas

In addition, this model can be used as a pre-emptive measure in embassies and public spaces, such as:

  • train stations
  • metro stations
  • football stadiums

This product has the following benefits

  • The blast container with outer shell is designed to prevent the disastrous consequences of grenade fragments dispersing into the immediate area of the explosion. The shock wave/blast will be directed inwards.
  • The blast container with outer shell is highly suitable for indoor use and can serve as protection against suitcase bombs.
  • This model has been tested and put into use by the German Bundespolizei (federal police).
  • The blast container can endure three explosions and, therefore, does not need to be disposed of after an incidet.


After the terrorist attacks in Sweden’s  capital Stockholm, in Berlin’German  and  in Nice, France , Allplast has developed a new vehicle prevention barrier and has launched its patented product at the Belgian Arms Fair and sold it to many European destinations.(for security reasons, place and place names are not given)
In addition to preventing the attacks carried out by vehicles, the product ensures that the presidents,politicians and other potential terrorist attacks are safe while performing their public meetings

Allplast BV (NL) & Deplac International (B), launched innovative BALLISTIC ROAD BLOCK

INFOPOL EXPO, April 25th – 27th 2017
General Manager Wim De Leur (Delpac) and Mr. Sander Tijssen (Sales & Marketing Manager) from Allplast, have launched the newly developed BALLISTIC ROAD BLOCK at the Infopol Police Expo in Kortrijk (Belgium) last week.

In line with the recent catastrophic events in Stockholm, Berlin and amongst others Nice, Allplast has developed the Ballistic Roadblock. This new product has been produced to protect innocent citizens against terroristic actions in public places.

The Ballistic Roadblock combines a ballistic window and a heavy concrete block to offer protection when confronted with suspect vehicles like trucks. It can be used for applications (with other concrete blocks) in road blocks, control entry, check points or in front of public places and buildings. The ballistic glass can be up scaled to stop bullets from handguns to armor piercing rounds (against the EN 1063 standard), this in order to protect guards or armed police against shootings which might take place in worst case. The blocks can be connected easily together to have lengths up to more than 5 or 10 meter (standard width per block: 1 or 2 meter).

Delpac International will be starting the Marketing & Sales in Belgium since the current presentation at the INFOPOL show. This exhibition was founded ever since in 1995 and evolved to an important showpiece of equipment for police, surveillance and security services for all of the purchase managers and decision makers of Benelux’s entire security chain.