Allplast has been patented e new ballistic shield,which enables security forces and emergency response teams to rapidly assemble up to eigt pf them side-by-side in the conflict zones,creating a mobile bulltproof wall,blocking the road protecting the entire team,or providing a safe way forward in street clashes.

Separate Full-fledge Ballistic Shield

Ballistic level: 7.62x51mm NATO BALL (FMJ/PB/SC) + AK-47 MSC

Size: 1.100x700mm

Weight: ca. 23 kg

Optimal geometry resulting in optimized protection

Bastion Shield: ALLPLAST – MOD the Netherlands

Unique connectable Ballistic Shields

Hinge connection: 2 or more shields

Connection is flexible

Very robust and multi-functional system

Bastion Shield: ALLPLAST – MOD the Netherlands

Defensive structure: Bastion

  • Bastion Shields can be connected, to form a static defensive position
  • Size and shape of the Bastion are flexible
  • Easy set up and fast to de-connect to separate shields
  • High situational awareness with the audience/public around

Active Shooter Trolley (AST)

Set up: 1, 2, 3 or 4 Uniform shields

Easy to set up and fast de-connect to the single shields

Easy to access buildings due to max.(collapsible) width of 70cm

Active Shooter Trolley (AST)

  • Set up of 3x AST in a static formation