Arşiv Kasım 2018


SecuLam BR1

Allplast’s SecuLam BR1 is a lightweight, all-polymer transparent laminate, designed to offer protection according to standard EN1063 level BR1 (No Spall). SecuLam
BR1 can withstand multiple impacts by a .22 LR bullet, without any fragmentation on the inside of the product. This makes it a safe product for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the all-polymer composition makes sure that see-through capability is maintained after impact.

Being the lightest bullet-resistant product in our range, SecuLam BR1 is perfectly suitable for eye- and face protection and other applications where weight and thickness are significant issues. SecuLam BR1 can also serve as a basis for any custom-designed fragment resistant product, like EOD and mine disposal gear.




SecuLam BR2

Allplast’s SecuLam BR2 is designed to withstand multiple impacts by the commonly used 9 x 19 mm Parabellum bullet, according to standard EN1063 level BR2 (No Spall). This bullet is used in a wide range of hand guns and submachine guns.
SecuLam BR2 is a lightweight, all-polymer transparent laminate which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications like bullet resistant visors, shields and glazing.
The all-polymer composition makes sure that see-through capability is maintained after impact and that fragmentation on the inside does not occur. It is a good alternative to glass-laminates, which do not offer the same see-through capabilities after impact. To increase usability, this full-polymer laminate contains a scratch-resistant coating on the outsides.




SecuLam BR3

Allplast’s SecuLam BR3 offers protection according to standard EN1063 level BR3 (No Spall). This means that it can withstand the heavy .357 Magnum bullet. Being an all-polymer laminate, SecuLam BR3 is a lightweight, thin, multi-hit resistant product which does not allow spalling on impact. The all-polymer composition makes sure that see-through capability is maintained after impact.
SecuLam BR3’s excellent no-spalling qualities make it suitable for highly protective face shields, vehicle glazing and building glazing. The product has a two-sided anti-scratch coating.







SecuLam BR4/SG2

Allplast’s SecuLam BR4/SG2 is currently the ultimate full-polymer transparent laminate we have to offer. Being one of the lightest laminates in its class, this product offers protection against some of the heaviest handgun threats known today. SecuLam BR4/SG2 has been successfully tested against multiple impacts with both the powerful .44 Magnum round and the extremely heavy “Brenneke” shotgun slug.
Being an all-polymer laminate, SecuLam BR4/SG2 is lightweight, thin, multi-hit resistant and does not create spall on impact. A high level of see-through capability is maintained after impact.
Developed to deal with the heaviest handgun threats, Allplast’s SecuLam BR4/SG2 is perfectly suited for applications in vehicle glazing, building glazing and personal protection products like entry shields.






SecuLam AK

The infamous AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle is still widely used throughout the world and is considered a realistic threat in many military and even civilian applications. Allplast has developed a unique laminate that will defeat this common threat. Our SecuLam AK-laminate was designed to cope with the 7.62 x 39 MSC rifle bullet and was subsequently tested according to EN1063.
This “special” product is a versatile, lightweight product which is suitable for a wide range of applications. A high multi-hit performance is achieved by using an effective combination of polymers and glass. Like all of our bullet resistant laminates, SecuLam AK has a spall layer, which prevents the fragmentation occurring on the back side of the panel during impact.






SecuLam BR6

The 7.62 x 51 NATO Ball bullet is a very common rifle bullet used in a variety of firearms. Allplast’s SecuLam BR6 offers protection against this bullet according to EN1063 BR6 NS. Its glass/polymer composition made it possible to achieve a high ballistic performance together with a very low weight and thickness.
As with all SecuLam bullet resistant laminates in the EN1063 range a multi-hit capacity of at least 3 shots has been proven. Special layers limit the frontal damage during impact, while spall layers at the back prevent the ejection of any spall on the rear side of the laminate.
SecuLam BR6 is suitable for a wide variety of both military and civilian applications where rifle threats can be expected. Examples are: vehicles, embassies and guard posts.







SecuLam BR7

The EN1063 BR7 NS protection level requires that the very powerful 7.62 x 51 NATO Armour Piercing round is defeated. This bullet has an extremely hard core, giving it even more penetration power than the standard NATO Ball-bullet. Armour piercing bullets like this one are often encountered on the military battlefield.
Allplast’s SecuLam BR7 laminate is capable of dealing with multiple hits from this bullet. For this armour piercing threat, Allplast developed a unique combination of materials, making our BR7-laminate one of the lightest ones available today.
Allplast has developed two variants, both of which have passed the EN1063 standard. The heavier composition will be recommended by us when an even higher multi-hit performance is desired.
SecuLam BR7 can be applied wherever there is a need for extremely high anti-firearm protection. Examples are: military and civilian vehicles, embassies and guard posts.






SecuLam ST1

Specially designed for use in military vehicles, Allplast’s ST1 laminate provides protection against the 7.62 x 51 NATO round, according to STANAG 4569 level I for transparent armour. This laminate can take 4 consecutive hits with a 120 mm spacing, without creating spall on the inside. As an indication of our high standards, our ST-range products have all been tested at extreme temperatures (-40 degrees to +49 degrees Celsius) to ensure the anti-ballistic performance of our products at extreme conditions. With this additional testing done, these laminates can be confidently used in all thinkable conditions.
Using unique combinations of materials, we created a dependable and lightweight product that will make a difference in vehicle applications where performance and weight are critical.






SecuLam ST2

With the SecuLam ST2, military vehicles can be protected against the armour piercing variant of one of the most infamous bullets, the 7.62 x 39, as used in the popular AK47 assault rifle. This armour piercing bullet has even more penetration power than the standard 7.62 x 39 bullet. To make things even more challenging, the particular bullet used in the ballistic tests also contains incendiary material to inflict additional damage to its target.
Certified according to STANAG 4569 level II 7.62 x 39 API (Armour Piercing Incendiary), this laminate provides multi-hit performance for extremely demanding applications. This laminate has also been tested for a wide temperature range, making it suitable for many military vehicle applications.
Allplast’s SecuLam ST2 is lightweight and offers a no-spall protection; special layers prevent fragmentation at the back of the laminate, making it safer for vehicle occupants.





SecuLam ST3

To offer protection against some of the heaviest firearm threats, Allplast has developed high-performance vehicle glazing according to STANAG 4569 level III. Within this protection level, two ammunition types are defined: 7.62 x 51 NATO AP and 7.62 x 54R Dragunov Armour Piercing. Both bullets are high-energy rifle bullets with armour piercing capabilities. Used in e.g. sniper rifles, these bullets are among the highest firearm threats encountered today. Allplast has developed protective glazing for both ammunition variants and had them additionally tested at extreme temperatures.
SecuLam ST3a offers has been tested against the 7.62 x 54R B32 API Dragunov. SecuLam ST3b is able to withstand the 7.62 x 51 AP WC Core-round. In both cases, 4 consecutive impacts in a 120mm-spacing pattern were defeated. Both laminates have additionally proved their reliability during ballistic tests at -40 degrees Celsius.
As with our other ST-laminates, the ST3-variants are relatively lightweight and offer a no-spall protection. Special layers prevent fragmentation on both the impact side and the inside of the laminate.




SecuLam P6B

Allplast has developed its own anti-burglary glazing according to standard EN356. Our goal has been to come up with extremely thin and lightweight products, which do not require special handling or maintenance. The result is a range of products that cover the top level of anti-burglary protection, starting with our SecuLam P6B laminate.
SecuLam P6B is lightweight, thin and scratch resistant due to its glass surfaces
on both inside and outside. Interlayers keep glass fragmentation to a minimum. Tests have proven its high resistance against forced entry attempts with a hammer and axe. Thermally insulated versions of this product are available.
Our laminates can also be used in other applications, such as industrial safety glazing. For such applications, custom products can even be designed.






SecuLam P7B

Allplast’s SecuLam P7B offers even more resistance to forced entry. Having a slightly heavier composition than our P6B variant, this product has achieved the higher P7B rating according to standard EN356.
SecuLam P7B is lightweight, thin and scratch resistant due to its glass surface layers. No special maintenance is required. Thermally insulated versions of this product are available.








SecuLam P8B

The SecuLam P8B laminate is our toughest anti-burglary product. Tests have shown that it is virtually impossible to defeat it with both a hammer and an axe. This product has achieved the highest possible rating according to the EN356 standard. The P8B classification makes this the product of choice when maximum protection is needed.
SecuLam P8B is lightweight, relatively thin and scratch resistant due to its glass surface layers. No special maintenance is required. Thermally insulated versions of this product are available.








SecuLam Impact

Allplast has developed an extremely thin glass-polymer laminate which has some very impressive mechanical properties. It has a very high impact resistance, together with a very high static and dynamic pressure resistance. The extremely low weight of this strong laminate makes it especially suitable for automotive applications. The high impact resistance offers protection against vandalism, impacting objects and burglary attempts. Such qualities are often needed in (high speed) trains, police cars, buses, ambulances, etc.
Thermally insulated versions of this product are available; there is also a possibility to apply coatings and screen prints.





Anti-ballistic products

For several years Allplast has been involved in the development of applications and products that involve the use of thermoplastic composite materials. These materials often consist of stretched polymer tapes, co-extruded or laminated onto a thermoplastic “resin”. Both resin and tape can be of the same material. This holds advantages for both production and end-of-life.
Some thermoplastic composite materials are very suited for anti-ballistic applications like shields or body armour. These materials combine a high stiffness and strength of the tapes with a low specific weight; the result is lightweight armour that can be made in a wide variety of shapes.
Allplast has been developing anti-ballistic protection products out of PE- and PP-based materials, especially for autoclave processing. Examples are fragment resistant cases, shields and trauma plates. Custom products can be developed according to a wide range of standards.






Functional laminates

The autoclave lamination process is perfectly suited for laminating technical parts such as solar cells, foils and electronics. The pressures and temperatures can be exactly regulated, making it possible to produce high quality products. Allplast has developed ways to laminate many different products between layers of glass and polymers. This makes it possible to create a wide range of interesting products. We also use this experience to add value to our existing laminates, for instance by integrating heating foil or switchable foils into our glazing products.
Some examples of our possibilities:
• Heating foil for bullet resistant vehicle glazing and ships
• Solar foil in building glazing
• Switchable foil (transparent to non-transparent)
• Solar cells
• Electronic components
• Sensors
• Electrical wiring and circuits










SecuLam VV

SecuLam VV ist derzeit das ultimative, vollkunststoff, transparente Laminat, was wir bieten können.
Als ein der leichtesten Laminate in seiner Klasse, bietet dieses Produkt Schutz gegen einige der härtesten Waffebedrohungen wie heute bekannt ist.
SecuLam VV wurde erfolgreich auf mehrere Effekte sowohl mit dem leistungsfähigen .44 Magnum Pistole, als auch mit einer sehr schweren Brenneke Jagdgewehr getestet.
SecuLam VV ist ein vollständiges Kunststoff-Laminat. Es ist leicht, dünn, Multiwärmebeständig und
es gibt beim Einschlag keine Zersplitterung, so dass es immer eine Sicht von hohem Niveau gibt.
Entwickelt um die schwersten Bedrohungen und Gefahren abzuhalten, welche aus Arbeit in der Boden- und Straßenbau hervorgehen, ist SecuLam VV perfekt geeignet für Anwendungen als Fahrzeugscheibe (wie bei Bagger Maschinen, Löffelbagger und dergleichen mehr),
da wo Sicherheit und Personenschutz erforderlich sind.






Saab Barracuda Soft Armour (Saab Barracuda Yumuşak Zırhlı) tarafından geliştirilen balistik koruma, zırh delici mühimmat ve şarapnellere karşı koruma sağlar gerek sivil ve gerekse askeri amaçlı olarak çeşitli uygulamalar için kullanılabilir. Soft Armour (Yumuşak Zırh) aynı noktaya birden fazla sayıda meydana gelen isabetlere karşıda, korumada herhangi bir azalma meydana gelmez size koruma sağlar.




Yumuşak Zırh balistik koruma sistemi, kullanılması kolay olan, tasarımda maksimal elastikiyet sağlayan ve tekrar tekrar kullanılabilen (çok kolay bir şekilde boşaltılarak tekrar doldurulabilmektedir) yeni bir balistik koruma konseptinin geliştirilmesi ana fikrinden hareketle İsveç’te bulunan Saab Barracuda tarafından geliştirilmiştir.


Yumuşak zırh sivil bir ürün olup, herhangi bir ihracat kısıtlamasına tabi değildir. Seramik malzemenin reçetesi Saab Barracuda’ ya aittir.

Yumuşak Zırh, yüksek sıcaklıkta (tuğla ve cam gibi) üretilen, sentetik, inorganik, metal olmayan bir malzemedir. Toksin olmadığı gibi, çevre dostudur.

Yumuşak Zırh balistik korumanın kullanılmasının sağlayacağı temel yararlar şunlardır:

• Sekme riski olmaksızın aynı anda birden fazla isabete karşı koruma
• Yüksek performanslı uyarlanabilir koruma sistemleri
• Süratle bir araya getirilebilir – oluşturulması hızlı ve kolaydır, özel ilave aletlere veya malzemeye ihtiyaç yoktur
• Doldurulması, işlenmesi ve nakliyesi (her litre için palet boyutları Ø 13 mm +-1mm, ağırlığı ~1,5 kg) kolaydır
• Tekrar kullanılabilir
• Yüksek performanslı ve düşük maliyetlidir
• Sentetik, inorganik, metal olmayan malzeme
• toksin olmayan ve çevre dostu
• Son kullanıcı gereksinimlerine göre esnek, kişiselleştirilmiş tasarımlar
• Başka bir balistik koruma tekniği ve malzemesi (cam vb.) ile kolay kombinasyon
• Düz ambalajlı


Elastikiyeti ile birlikte Yumuşak Zırh balistik koruma sistemi, aşağıda bazı örnekleri verilen birçok uygulamada kullanılabilir:


• Finansal Kurumlarda
• Bordro Bürolarında
• Emniyet Müdürlüğü ve Emniyet Müdürlüğü Kuruluşlarında
• Büyük Elçiliklerde
• Bankalarda
• Hükümet Binalarında
• Askeri Tesislerin Güçlendirilmesinde
• Nöbet Mahallerinde ve Nöbetçi Binalarında
• Posta Ofislerinde
• Resepsiyon Alanlarında
• Hava Limanlarında


Yumuşak Zırh balistik korumanın kullanılmasının sağlayacağı önemli avantajlardan bir tanesi, tasarımda sağladığı elastikiyet nedeni ile son kullanıcının gereksinimlerine
uygun balistik koruma çözümlerinin üretilebilmesi ve diğer balistik koruma teknikleri ve malzemeleri (cam, vs.) ile kombinasyon oluşturulabilmesidir.

Her son kullanıcının kontrolü altında olabilecek “zarf”ın özgür tasarımı, sadece balistik korumaya ilişkin olarak kullanıcı tarafından balistik koruma seviyesine (BR, STANAG) ve balistik direnç olarak tanımlanacak olan gereksinimlere bağlıdır.

Son kullanıcı, komple taktik ve hareket ettirilebilir bir duvar sistemleri (örnek olarak, metal paneller veya tekstil yapılar) tasarlama seçeneklerine sahiptir. Söz konusu duvar sistemleri, inşa edilecek mahalde yerlerine yerleştirilebilirler ve içleri, şirketimiz tarafından üretilen seramik top malzemesi ile o mahalde doldurulabilir. Duvarlar, tasarımı yapıldıktan sonra U-profil demir ile önceden inşa edilebileceği gibi standart yapı malzemeleri (örnek olarak, alçı artı kontrplak levhalar) kullanılarak da inşa edile- bilir ve sonra içlerine gizlenmiş balistik koruyucu izolasyon katmanı olarak Yumuşak Zırh seramik paletleri yerleştirilebilir.

Elastiki zarf tasarımına ait bazı örnekler aşağıda sunulmuştur (metalik paneller, sabit duvarlar ve tekstil yapılar):







U-profil metal inşaat çerçeveleri kullanılarak yapılan sabit duvar montajı (U-profiller, üz- erinde yer alan delikler seramik paletlerin bir kısımdan diğer kısma düzgün bir biçimde yayılmalarını sağlamak amacı ile kullanılmaktadır):

STANAG L3 dahili balistik korumaya sahip bulunan bir duvar ile ilgili olarak, Saab Barracuda, inşatta 300 mm aralıklı saplamalar (U profilli çelik veya benzeri), 11,5 mm kontrplak veya benzerleri ve 12,5 mm alçıpan veya benzerlerinin kullanılmasını
Önermektedir. Duvarların tasarlanması muhakkak ki mimarların ve inşaat firmalarının sorumluluğu altındadır.

• The projectile (bullet) penetrates the outer layer
• Energy is distributed throughout the loose pellets

• 125 mm Soft Armour is certified according to STANAG 4569 level 3 and withstand 7.62×51 armour-piercing projectiles



Firearm Protection

Barracuda Soft Armour protection solutions are designed to withstand intensive gunfire with various calibres and ammunition

Shrapnel Protection

Barracuda Soft Armour protection solutions has a capacity to withstand shrapnel from grenades and IED´s


Force Protection


70 MM Inside Dimension

• Weight: ~1,5kg/l
• Volume: ~70l/m²
• Weight: ~105kg/m²









100 MM Inside Dimension

• Weight: ~1,5kg/l
• Volume: ~100l/m²
• Weight: ~150kg/m²












125 MM Inside Dimension

• Weight: ~1,5kg/l
• Volume: ~125l/m²
• Weight: ~188kg/m²








125 mm Yumuşak Zırh STANAG 4569 seviye 3’e uygun olarak sertifiye edilmiş olup, 7.62×51 zırh delici mermilere karşı koruma sağlamaktadır.